Tim Burton's Use Of Lighting In Edward Scissorhands

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Tim Burton is an American film director that many people know of. He has directed many movies that all have similar stuff in common, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Edward Scissorhands, both very well known movies. His movies are dark, mysterious and sometimes even a little creepy. Burton uses music, light, and framing to help the audience understand the current mood of the scene better. Music can be used to bring the audience feel what the character in the movie would be feeling to cause you to become more involved, and that’s exactly what Burton does in his movies. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory during the scene where all the children, with their parents, are in the candy room the music is that of wonder and excitement. He has the same effects in Edward Scissorhands when Kim is dancing in the ice shavings, it is having the watchers feel the same wonder that the characters do. Music is very noticeable, unlike some of the other aspects that help establish mood, like lighting.…show more content…
Lighting is used to show when things are dark and mysterious, or bright and joyful, Burton uses lots of dark lighting but throws in scenes with brighter lights as well. In Edward Scissorhands the mansion where Edward was created is dark with very little sunlight coming in through the few windows. They way the lighting is used makes the place feel creepy and lonely, unlike the town not so far way which is very bright and colorful with pinks, greens, oranges, and blues. The town is happier looking with lots of sun, making the dark mansion stick out. Also in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Burton made Charlie’s home like Edwards mansion, dark. But the factory is bright and colorful, giving it the impression that it’s large and exciting. Although music and lighting can make the mood of the scenes pop out, framing has a lot to do with it
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