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Tim Christensen is a self employed clay artist. He is very good at what he does. Tim is from South Berwick, Maine and lives near the eastern coast in Maine and has been making black and white photos since 2003. Tim went to Berwick Academy and graduated from Colby College. Tim does lots of sgraffito work. Sgraffito is a type of clay work where after your piece has dried into greenware and you use an underglaze and paint the pice than take a pin tool to carve at designs into your piece. After you have done this you fire the piece. Tim says his work is narrative, specifically illustrated, sometimes spiritual, often funny, and understandable. He says it is the best way he knows to express what he is thinking about. Tim says that he also works…show more content…
Tim builds most of his pieces on a kick wheel. His firing is done in a gas ruining kiln that is attached to a bread oven. The ocean is only about 300 yards away. He makes bowls, cups, plates, he even makes sculptures and vessels. When he is doing his sgraffito he usually does it by a camp fire but he does it where ever he feels. When he makes his pieces he draws things he 's really interested in. He likes to draw about love, loss, fear and foreboding, community, tranquility, and loneliness. Tim says that clay is more important than the immediate political or social issues of the day is the greater struggle of humans to find a way to fit back in to the natural pattern of life on earth. By working with black and white, he invokes a world where humans are counterparts of the creatures he creates. Above all, he draws to illustrate the wonder and mystery of living in the world we all share. One of the pieces of his that I find interesting is his "octopusplate". The piece is utilitarian and decorative. It is very decorative, there are many octopuses drawn together with simple scratches in between all the octopuses. For what I can see there are nine octopus '. It is painted with a black underglaze and looks like he used a clear glaze also. The piece is very well made. Looking at the picture I can 't see a single thing wrong. The shape is perfectly round and there are no chips or cracks. The octopus ' all look very similar to each other and are tied together with scratches made into the

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