Tim Cook Case Study

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Advice to Tim Cook
Apple Inc. has been at the forefront of technological innovation ever since the company was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak on April 1, 1976. Seldom has any company relied so much on its flamboyant CEO for its success. Apple has been a brainchild as well as a legacy of Steve Jobs. It has been able to carve a niche for itself in the minds of Apple fanatics who own Apple products, but also those for whom owning an Apple product is an aspiration. As the company grows bigger, it becomes an imperitive for the current CEO Tim Cook to re analyze and re calibrate the strategies at the company to come out bigger and better in the coming years. The void that the maverick co-founder Steve Jobs left is hard to be filled
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Where Steve Jobs was known for his mercurial personality, Tim Cook is considered to be an introvert who is highly secretive. It will be a tough ask for Tim Cook to sustain the position of Apple in the future. With new smartphone companies coming up in the fray, Apple has to find a way so that their die hard loyalists or future smartphone users don’t get veered towards buying the ever so cheap smartphones that are high on specifications, some even matching those offered by the latest Iphone. Cook has to make sure that the novelty factor that is always associated with the Apple products does not get eroded with…show more content…
The buyback can lead to increase in value of its shares and ultimately the wealth maximisation of its shareholders.
As many technology companies are coming up with their cloud services, Apple has to build on its iCloud services. Cloud service has a huge growth potential in the future as more and more businesses and startups find it economical to use cloud services which leads to savings on server hardware spending. It has to face intense competition from the likes of Amazon, Microsoft and Google which already have an in house talent pool to scale their services. Apple can do well to acquire growing cloud service company since cloud is clearly not its core competency.
Social Media is another segment where Apple has been a laggard. Being a technology company, it cannot afford to lag behind its competitors in emerging technologies and future business potentials. Facebook, Google and Twitter clearly dominate the social media business and it is virtually impossible for Apple to acquire any of these businesses. It can do well to partner with any of these companies and make available any of its online services like facetime, iCloud or iTunes to the users at these social networking sites.

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