Tim Hortons Canadian Food Culture

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When thinking of Canadian cuisine and culture, one main thing that always comes to mind is Tim Hortons; it can be argued that Tim Hortons has become the patriotic symbol of Canadian life (Penfold 2002:49). As defined, cuisine can be thought of as the notion that foods that define a culture and varies from group to group (Belasco 2008:16; Newman 2012:32). Hence, when we claim that Tim Hortons is an essential and symbolic part of Canadian culture, it can be argued that it has become such a prominent symbol of Canada due to its substantial presence within Canada - and uniqueness to Canada. More importantly, it is arguable that Tim Horton’s menu plays a great role in how Tim Hortons is a symbolic part of Canadian cuisine; coffee and donuts have become part of the Canadian identity as it is an essential part of the notorious Canadian winters, and remains the same across Canada. Moreover, the concept of food memory should be addressed when making the claim that Tim Hortons is a great part of Canadian cuisine, as it is often portrayed as the…show more content…
As Newman (2012:28) notes that national cuisines help foster an emotional connection, sense of contentment, and security with its customers, the vast number of Tim Hortons across Canada – and all serving a very similar menu, it arguably offers a sense of security to its customers. As well, it is reminded through the Tim Horton commercials presented that Tim Hortons is a common thread to all pleasurable Canadian memories; hockey practices at 6 am, being welcomed to Canada with a cup of Tim Hortons coffee…etc. Finally, as noted by Newman (2017:28), “food is so emotional, so primal, it is almost impossible to not develop deep attachments to the spaces of culinary knowledge that we inhabit.” As shown in the commercials, especially with the one with Lilian and the one with the immigrant father, Tim Hortons can be thought to be very emblematic of Canadian

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