Tim Hortons History

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Tim Hortons Introduction Tim Hortans is fast food chain which is based In Canada and many more countries. It can also found in shopping malls, highways, hospitals,, universities.It also offer 24 hour drive thru service.There are 4590 restaurants, including 3,665 in Canada, 869 in the U.S and 56 in the Gulf cooperation council. You can always find a Tim Horton near you. It’s mainly focus on Quality, good service, value, fresh products. The first Tim Horton offered only two products:- • Coffee • Donuts The cup of coffee cost 10 cent, Apple fritter and the Dutchie were the only two donuts available in Tim Horton in 1964. These two are still famous everywhere, after that some new products that were introduced were muffins, cookies, bagels,…show more content…
Tim Horton first children’s foundation opens its first camp in the U.S in Campbellsville, Kentucky. Tim Horton also provide summer camps activities for youth, donation and sponsors everything is done by Tims Horton every time. On August 24th, 2014, US fast food chain Burger king got merged with Tim Horton. Tim Horton is making true difference every day in everybody’s life • Tim Horton children’s foundation(It support their campers in becoming responsible, caring and motivated) • Timbits minor sports program(It sponsor minor sports programs across Canada and U.S giving an opportunity to 300,000 children to play hockey,soccer,baseball) • Tims coffee truck(Tims coffee truck visits different community events all over Canada) • Smile cookie(It raise funds for local charities across Canada and U.S) • Free skate(Tim Horton sponsors free public skating across Canada) • Free swim(it sponsor free swimming at community pools throughout Canada) • Pitch-in-week(it has been keeping communities clean for 49

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