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TIM HORTONS ALWAYS FRESH TIM HORTONS Introduction (10) Tim Hortons is a multinational fast casual restaurant known for its coffee and doughnuts. It is Canada 's largest quick service restaurant chain and was founded in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario. It has quickly become a Canadian icon and it focuses on top quality, value, great service and community leadership. It has a total of 4,413 restaurants, including 3,660 restaurants in Canada, 650 in the United States, and 113 in the Middle East. Their guiding mission is to deliver superior quality products and services for their guests and communities through leadership, innovation, and partnerships. And their vision is to be the quality leader in everything they do.…show more content…
The smile cookie program is one way. It is a once a year event were guests can purchase a smile cookie for $1 to support local charities, like hospitals and children’s programs. “The simple act of buying a Smile Cookie for one dollar will have a direct impact on charities in your own community,” says David Clanachan, President and Chief Operating Officer, Tim Hortons Canada. Last year, the smile cookie program raised close to 5.3 million for local charities in Canada and US. Tim Hortons and Nutella Cup-to-Tray program Tim Hortons became the first restaurant to close the loop on recycling and take a product and recycle it into a product that is used again. The prevalent customer loyalty and huge recognition as a market leader created a motive force for the restaurant chain to adopt more sustainable practices such as cup recycling into business operations. As of the end 2015, 850 Tim Hortons restaurants now recycle paper cup…show more content…
It is also any industry in the fast food category. One of the most well-known competitors is Starbucks. Both companies focus on the same product, yet they run in extremely different ways and each way works for them. Each company makes consumers feel welcome. Starbucks achieves this with its tension-relieving environment and Tim Hortons achieves this with its fast service and familiar feel. Both companies are very successful. Starbucks is successful by being innovative and inspirational and Tim Hortons is successful by keeping their brand familiar to their consumers. On other hands, both Starbucks and Tim Hortons commitment to recycling cups in their
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