Tim Hortons Research Paper

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In 1964, Tim Horton, a National Hockey League Legend opens the first store in Hamilton where coffee and donuts were served at cost of 10 cents each. Furthermore, in 1967 partnership with Ron Joyce make the first franchise. In 1976, Timbits is introduced and Canadian icon is created. After they created an icon, first Tim Hortons opens in Quebec and make a universal beverage that is double. Once they started attracted more customers in 1980s muffins and cookies were introduced and create something new to drink coffee. To bring little continental flair to Canadian morning, Croissants come to Tim and make crescent-shaped pastry debuts which were liked by many Canadian people. With the passage of time, Tim beefs up its menu with the addition of chili and soups. Then comes the era of the 1990s which was a huge success in the history of Tim Horton because more than…show more content…
Per Hunter, “Tim Hortons started becoming a cultural touchstone in Canada”. In his book, he also wrote about the competitor coffee chains like Starbucks, Fast food chains like McDonald’s and Subway. Tim Hortons has faced mounting challenges from competitors but, for the most part, Tim has kept his market dominance in Canada by doing things effectively and efficiently. Hunter wrote, “They have executed very well on big obvious things like quality, the speed of service, value pricing and ubiquity”. (Rise Of Tim Hortons, June 29,2017) It is obvious that Tim Hortons will continue to operate as an independent entity by maintaining its product and service standards. Per Canadians, Tim Hortons is representative of average people. As recently, 150 Canada day was passed so to enjoy this day they had to bring some interesting things in their menu like they served patriotic food which increases Tim Horton 's value in between Canadian
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