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In “Rooted: Tim Miller”, Tim Miller tells of a boyfriend that was murdered in an alleyway. I think that the moment hit hard, because of the way he told it, leaving that fact out until the very end of that part of the story. That part of the story was about halfway through the performance. Tim Miller was the sole speaker in the performance, simply telling a few stories from his life. The stories culminated into one big resolution, one that was too long in the making. The lighting choices seemed deliberate. For most of the story, the stage and backdrop, which was blank, were lit up by blue and red lights, forming purple. But Tim was lit up by a spotlight, keeping the focus on him, even as he moved across the stage at seemingly random times. At times throughout, the lighting shifted. The spotlight on him would turn off, and the red or blue lights would also turn off, leaving him illuminated either red, or blue. Because the blue or red was coming from behind him, it somewhat obscured his features. At one point, he even left the stage, and walked around in front of it, with the spotlight following him. I believe that was meant to cement him…show more content…
His ability to speak with emphasis on the right words, and convey emotions through the way he said things, that made it work. All of it put together, him pacing, telling of his anxiety in all the situations, the way he spoke about such awful things, but somehow made it funny, all of it just works. The culture of the united states back in the times he was talking about, even not too long ago, it was awful. And it still is awful in some ways, he demonstrates that through all the horrible things he’s been through. By bringing the hardships of it all to the audience’s attention, maybe the world can change, little by little, to be a bit better of a place. It was meant to challenge our world
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