Tim O Brien Ambush Analysis

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The analysis of the deeper meaning of ” Ambush” In the book titled Ambush, the author Tim o’Brien explains that he has killed people. O’Brien supports his explaining by telling the situations he was in. The author’s purpose is to persuade that he had to do it, that he had no choice. The author writes in a serious tone for the readers. “When she was nine, my daughter asked if i had ever killed anyone.”(o’ Brien 811). The author structures this sentence to read in a serious tone, using strong words. The sentence leaves you wondering if he had ever killed anyone. The next sentence in this story tells you the situation he was in, to question if he killed someone. “She knew about the war ;she knew i’d been a soldier.”(O’brien 811). Being a soldier…show more content…
From this point in the story, you know that the author knows his daughter has an idea of what he has done. He was trying to protect his image to his daughter he didn't want to scare her. “You keep writing these war stories, she said, “so i guess you must’ve killed somebody. It was a difficult moment, but i did what seemed right, which was to say, of course not, and then to take her onto my lap and hold her for a while” (O’brien 811). He cares deeply about his daughter and will one day explain when she is older. At this point in the story i think the thesis is that sometimes the truth isn't the right thing to say in order to protect people from it. The author goes on to tell in detail how he felt emotionally- physically, when he killed his first man.The author, tired, and weak from switching on and off watch every two hours. The author is Probably delusional at this time. “There was no sound at all-none that I can remember. In a way, it seemed, he was part of the morning fog, or my own imagination, but there was also the reality of what was happening in my stomach” (O’brien 812). The author is making it seem peaceful in a way. Everything happened so fast the author had pulled the pin of his grenade before
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