Tim O 'Brien's On The Rainy River'

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The approach of autumn was well on its way. “Autumn’s hand was lying heavy on the hillsides. Bracken was yellowing, heather passing from bloom, and the clumps of wild-wood taking the soft russet and purple of decline. Faint odors of wood smoke seemed to fit over the moor, and the sharp lines of the hill fastnesses were drawn as with a graving-tool against the sky.” As Ellie drove down the road she was much more aware of all her surroundings. She grew up in a suburban area and always knew she would live there forever. Cypress is where she grew up and had most of her adventures. Though Cypress was where Ellie’s heart was, she was ready to start her new journey at USC. Since the age of ten, Ellie has always dreamed of going to USC, eight years later those dreams became reality.
Two weeks ago Ellie turned eighteen years old and finished her first year of college. She enjoyed everything about college from the sorority life to the classes, and everything that goes along with college. Unfortunately, Ellie’s college life came to a haltering end when she received a letter notifying her she had been drafted for the
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I came across a story called “On the Rainy River” which was about a man named Tim O’Brien receiving a draft letter and being conflicted as to whether or not he should go to the war or run away to Canada. After concisely thinking about his decision he runs off to Canada but later regrets it and feels immense guilt and shamefully serves in the war. Reading his story sparked something inside of me, although I opposed this war I thought about the heroism I could have possibly gained going to this war. I couldn’t run away from my family and possibly never see them again, Afraid of leaving my family and normal life behind, I went to war. The pressure O’Brien felt, was the same pressure I was enduring at that moment. As much as I wanted to follow my heart and do the right thing, I could
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