Tim Tebow's Influence On Society

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Being underestimated as just an athlete, has sparked the fire of someone who continues to make a difference in the world we live in. Tim Tebow is not only a well known professional athlete, but a tremendous role model in todays society. Tebow has many accomplishments on and off the football field. Charity and leadership are some of the many things that has led Tebow to make positive impacts in the communities all over the United states and other countries. Spreading faith and love to the people around him, Tim Tebow has made a powerful influence on many people who follow his work. Many people underestimate Tebow as just an athlete, but are unaware of his social performances as a human being. Tebow puts others happiness before himself, which…show more content…
Many famous athletes are known for their athletic ability, but Tim Tebow is known for his devotion to his religious beliefs. Tebow teaches people to love God and others through his own life experiences. Spreading love and peace to people in need is what Tebow tries to teach each person. Tebow is an inspiration to many all over the world, and his offering to teach others Christianity has opened up the eyes of numerous people in society. Tebow is very outspoken by his faith, and tries to preach Gods love to people all over the world, but some people aren’t to fond of it. Joshua Mulligan questioned people’s opinions of Tebow aren’t very positive “For the life of me, I cannot understand the pure hate that one man can draw for wanting to play quarterback in the NFL and, at the same time, steadfastly adhering to a personal belief and relationship with God” (Mulligan). National Football League teams dwell on the fact that Tebow has a lot of precise talent, but delays them based off his spiritual beliefs. Some players even stated that Tebow’s religious lifestyle could have interfered with his athletic performance. Tebow wants his life to be so much more than sports. Many athletes are focused on their ideal image inside of sports, while Tebow mainly focuses on what’s happening in the real world. More people, and more churches take notice of Tebow’s community service work everyday. Tebow caught the eyes of one particular church in Oklahoma City that wanted to partner with Tebow’s own organization. The church decided to host this event after learning from the “Tim Tebow foundation” how important this event was for the children. The church has had numerous volunteers willing to help, all because of what the cause is for. The church is basing this all off Tebow’s past and present sacrifices to the community, and people who need assistance for a better future. More churches
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