Tim Wise Explaining White Privilege Analysis

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The White Advantage “Explaining White Privilege” by Tim Wise was more or less a defense of a more detailed argument on the subject of white advantages based solely on race. Tim Wise did provide several examples from several studies that did explain his theory as it was intended and how it was received. Apparently the original article was not very receptive from the audience when it was published: hence the reason for this short excerpt. The author was trying very hard, not only to defend his article on white privileges, but to provide reasons why the majority of the United States should consider his suggestion as a valid and accurate argument. Though “Explaining White Privilege” was a defense of Tim Wise’s original article, which was not included, he also managed to provide one example using disability people as evidence to support his argument. The main idea behind the article was that there is a certain advantage to being white that most minority groups do not have. Indeed, most people of color are suspected of having done something wrong and are stopped by police more often than white people (Wise 3-4). Tim Wise used several examples of discrimination based on color, to further illustrate his point about the advantages of whites over Latinos and African Americans. The author has made it very clear, there are less opportunities, for jobs, housing, and schooling for minorities than there is for whites (Wise2-4). For the most part these areas that were mentioned in the
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