Time And Time: The Importance Of Our Life

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It is not a secret that the life is a sophisticated invention that God has ever created.Our life is full of flights and drops, and it comprised and limited in time. Ralph Waldo Emerson - American essayist and poet of the 19th Century, and Benjamin Franklin - the 18th Century American writer, inventor, and humanitarian, in their essays they touched on the subject of time. Both they emphasized the magnitude of time and the apathy of the majority of us. But the distinction is that Emerson was writing more about how nature is changing and that every moment cannot be back, while Franklin was writing more about the mindless spending of time on unimportant. In my point of view, the time is what makes us alive, in other words, time creates a verge between life and death. Time is our privilege and curse. Without doubts, the time is what we cannot control and what we cannot change. Sometimes the time is our close friend, but sometimes it is our worst enemy. Time helps us to grow and constantly change; we are altering mentally and psychologically with time. So, what is the time? The time is our shadow, which always follows us everywhere. According to the Benjamin Franklin essay " Way to Wealth" ' 'Lost times is never found again; and what we call enough, always proves little enough. ' ' That is, when we clearly understand what the time is, we use our time for the purpose. I believe that we all have the true meaning of life. Meanwhile, if we eager to find our true calling, we have to
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