Time Between The Stars Summary

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Time Between the Stars is a series of contemporary realistic fiction by Andrew M. Greely the American author. The first novel of the series was Virgin and Martyr that Greely first published in 1985 to much controversy and critical acclaim. Andrew M Greely was best known as popular American novelist, journalist, sociologist, and Roman Catholic priest. Greely was a Sociology Professor who taught at the University of Chicago, the University of Arizona. He also did some work at the National Opinion Research Center as a Research Associate. For many years he was a columnist and regular contributor or several newspapers and magazines including Commonweal, America, the National Catholic Reporter, the New York Times, and the Chicago Sun-Times. The 1958 published title The Church in the Suburbs was inspired by the notes he had written from the prodding of a sociology professor. He has often asserted that he has been the victim of anti-Catholic prejudice…show more content…
The novel just like the other novels in the series is set in a Chicago neighborhood during the time of the Great Depression. Greely offers deep insights into the human heart as he introduces a tycoon struggling with love and re-connection. Lorcan Flynn the lead in the novel is rich businessman who is forced to reconstruct a love story turned horror narrative that happened more than forty decades past. The novel tells of how Flynn gets motivated to go back into his youth, into the events of a night that had led to him losing the only person he had ever loved. His first love had died in a mysterious unresolved explosion that had killed her entire family. Blackie Ryan comes in to investigate the case and soon starts to unearth some disturbing truths. As is often the case with Greely Flynn makes for a flawed protagonist that is full of integrity though he is the embodiment of many of the optimistic views that many Catholics hold of the
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