Time Management In Project Management

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Time system is the one of the method in project management need to be concern and highlight the part is. According to Luecke (2004), time management in project management can define as the utilization and allocation of resources to achieve a particular aim within a period of time. So the location of a proposed to collect necessary data is undertaken based on type of construction project. In construction site, the important of project control is to ensure the projects work finish on time that give in task planning, within budget and achieving other project is the main objectives. According Olawale (2010), a complex task that is carried out by project managers in practice, which involves constantly
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`But they still do not achieve success in a project. The main problem for projects that did not work was the lack of understanding in determining the scope of the project and at the beginning of the project. Although there is a clear understanding of the need to achieve project success, surprisingly little is published in the interests of the scope of the project's success. This study discusses the scope of which should be defined and controlled and what could be a major factor behind the mismanagement of the scope and how it can be overcome. The scope of the systematic and successful in bringing to deliver quality products is the cost of an agreed and specified in the schedule to stake-holders. (Mirza, MN et al., 2013). Time management can define as ability in planning and complete the project on time. The time management process need deal with the activities defining, estimating the duration of activities, the schedule of activities and ensure compliance to the schedule. Time management is an essential part of any successful project. Without good planning, the projects will be failure. Project time management includes the processes required to ensure timely completion of the project and focus on six main processes of activity definition which is activity duration estimating, activity sequencing, schedule development, activity resource estimating, and schedule…show more content…
In other words, a dynamic planning is difficult due to changes in circumstances. It is more difficult to estimate when considering depending on environmental conditions and other unknown. There is on-going research in this and further information should be disclosed.

According Khodakarami et al., (2006) .Therefore project planning is difficult because it not involves but no certainty. Uncertainty in the real world project arises from the following characteristics that are unique ways there are similar experience, diversity and the lack of performance data. Many different techniques and tools have been developed to support better project scheduling and these tools are used seriously by a large majority of project
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