Time Management Reflection

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I learned in this activity how crucial time management skills will be to my ability to complete this course successfully. The analysis from the questionnaire (Table 2) as well as keeping a record of what activities I focus on for a couple of days, opened my eyes to a few areas of improvement. From the patterns observed I could see that most of my time was taken up by work and commitments as well as procrastination. Not being able to juggle theses successful led to irritation and was unproductive. Research suggests that managing ones emotions, being self-aware and self-motivate can be factors for success for a student (Allan, 2009). I also need to make time for detailed planning and stick to a schedule for learning, as well as a to do list…show more content…
Actions to mitigate Weakness 1 - Time constraints due to high family demands with 2 small children Time management concerns and managing constraints brought about by the varying commitment on a long distance student is a very common. Therefore states that Allan, comments “All Students have different pressures on their time and they need to take these into account when they are planning their work” (Allan, 2009, p. 24)…show more content…
This means even taking account their various pressures anticipated as part of the planning process, this would assist the student to gain a true reflection of study circumstance. (Allan, 2009) • Having a dedicated space to study, ensure all supplies are available ahead of time. In (Talbot , 2010, Chapter 3), this is shown to be a successful strategy as it cuts back on time wasting as well as creates a learning environment, in a distance learning setting ( • Cutting back on non-essential social activities, so that there is enough family time as well, as time set aside and applied for studying. This point is emphasized by Moore, et all when it is stated “Gaining a sense of what time you have at your disposal is a starting point for gaining more control of your life” (Moore, et al., 2010) • Where there are children, investing in the services of a baby sitter for one day per week, can free up the student to focus their energies on the content to be read. This is part of the process of creating a support structure that aids in being able to study
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