Being A Nurse Mentor Essay

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Using Three skills The society has a preconceived notion that nursing is the easier option to being a doctor. But my mentor and friend, Mr. Tagaan Bin Faswan, has gone above these misconceptions and has worn the title of nurse with pride for over 38 years. Mr. Faswan is a passionate and charismatic individual. He has over the years inspired me with his strong inspirational quotes and shared his personal experiences in the nursing profession. At present, Mr. Faswan is a Director at the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia. At 60 years of age, Mr. Faswan’s experience is unparalleled.
Nurses do not feel the need to pause until the month of October so as to appreciate the Make a Difference Day; they make a difference every day. This is the mantra that Mr. Tagaan Bin Faswan has lived by for over 38 years in service. His most notable strengths are time management, effective use of staff meetings and his ability to develop staff and ensure they remain in the health care institutions. This paper will evaluate the strengths of Mr. Faswan and how, after being my long-term mentor, I have applied these skills in my daily routine.
Time Management Every nurse manager, including Mr. Faswan, consider effective time management as the most crucial aspect that determines the success of a health care organization. Mr. Faswan has over the years
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Faswan has shown transformational leadership in all the roles he has taken up during his illustrious career. His ability to efficiently allocate time to all the nursing tasks, motivate his employees through productive and rewarding team meetings and ensuring that the staff develops and grows in the nursing industry puts him at par with the best managers in the health care industry. His excellent leadership ability has ensured patients receive high quality care, contained costs and the staff remains motivated and satisfied. This is the type of leader I would emulate as I continue to grow and develop in the nursing
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