Time Of The Wolves Character Analysis

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“Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it”. Have you ever experience conflict with yourself not wanting to do something but doing it anyways, against someone else or even against nature? This essay will explain the different kinds of conflict in order of: Person versus self, person versus self and person versus nature.

In the story Time of the Wolves Alma had to overcome some tough obstacles and a variety of conflicts. The first conflict she had to conquer was self versus self. Alma had no intentions on going to help Sarah because she did not like her, but she knew if she didn’t go help her she might have been seriously ill and could have possibly died. Alma decided to do what was best for others and go and take
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A blinding blizzard whirled around their home which did not help the conditions because they were already getting attacked by wolves. Alma unselfishly made sure the horses were in the barn and safe. Another scenario that was person versus nature in the book, Time of the Wolves, was when the wolves smelt the weakness of Sarah and tried to attack them. Although Alma and her were supposedly safe in the house, they were not. The wolves tried to enter anyway they could have, going through windows and trying to get fresh meat. Alma fended them off using a pistol she had found. Even though Alma knew she wasn’t a good shot, she fired at them. Out of the five that were attacking Alma managed to kill three of them, the other two ran away out of fear. Alma knew what she had to do and she got it done. In the other book, Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World, Shackleton and his crew encountered a much more vigorous storm and harmful weather. Their ship was trapped in an ice flow and was getting crushed from all sides. After a long war with the ice they had lost, the ice was victorious and it succeeded at it’s goal which was to sink their ship. Shackleton knew he had to calm his crew before they could go on because they had just lost their main source of transport. He had decided they better keep moving, although the ship was sunk they managed to get the dogsleds before it was submerged by water, as well as some lifeboats. This was great planning by Shackleton and his crew. On the way from Elephant Island to South Georgia island the men had to be on a rotating shift of hacking away at the ice that was growing on their boat. This would have been an extreme duty because if one of the men were to fall overboard they most likely would have frozen to death. Shackleton knew his men would have to be well rested and alert to do this task and that is why they were on a rotating shift. This showed
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