Timeless Themes In Christmas Carol

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A timeless theme is a generalization about a human experience or about life in general that goes beyond a time and place. The audience will understand a timeless theme no matter how old or modern the literature is. Timeless themes are true and connect to some aspects of what makes us human. A timeless theme that was showed throughout the past was redemption. No matter what era were in people tend to give others another chance. Redemption was shown in both “A Christmas Carol” written by Charles Dickens in the year 1843 and the movie “A Diva’s Christmas Carol” directed by Richard Schenkman in the year 2000. The timeless theme redemption also appeared in multiple plays and books for example “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” directed by Ron Howard in the year 2000 or write by Dr. Seuss in the year 1957. The timeless theme redemption is still applicable today. The timeless theme redemption was shown in “A Christmas Carol” through the main character Ebenezer Scrooge. He changed from being a cold-blooded, cruel man to being a sympathetic, kind-hearted human being. Redemption was shown in the play numerous times. Once being when his nephew Fred asked him to join him and his family for a Christmas dinner Scrooge refused to go because he would much rather try to earn more money on Christmas then spend time with family and loved ones. A Ghost of Christmas Present brought Scrooge to Fred’s house and showed how Fred was defending him against all the criticism as to why he didn’t
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