Timmy Tee: A Short Story

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In a galaxy far, far away there were no humans besides Timmy Tee Tee. The I.Q over 9000. So he, himself built a time machine out of metal he found in his planet. The father’s name was Kobe and he was extreme scientist. A disease Kobe had called dot-a-lot. When he had dots on him, he would get very ill. While Kobe was coming over to planet Twinkle Toes he died in Timmy Tee Tee’s hands. Only one more thing that Timmy Tee Tee had to cross off his bucket list was the Trojan War. So he penetrates in the time machine and saw the button he installed. Only the words Trojan War were on it. Sorry, I forgot to tell you that Timmy Tee Tee is claustrophobic. So when he locked the door and pressed the button he started freaking out. The time machine stopped and when it did Timmy Tee Tee hit his head, but nothing happens because he is indestructible. When he touched the door and it opened. Suddenly smoke came from the ground. As he reached…show more content…
Are you going to hurt me? You seem very viable. “No, I just want a friend, said Jeff.” “I acquiesce, we can be friends as long as you help me fight in the war, said Timmy Tee Tee.” “Who are we fighting the Romans or the Greeks, said Jeff.” I don’t know, said Timmy Tee Tee? Let's just keep walking. As they pass a wall that is massive, they see a repast of the Greeks and Romans fighting. So they join in. Jeff slithers and bites some people. Luckily, they're both fighting for the Greeks or they would both die. Timmy Tee Tee found a red button. He pressed and found them. They were unicorns and knights on them. Did they indeed encircle the Romans. They came smothered all the Romans. We all celebrated and Timmy Tee Tee and Jeff went back to the time machine. They went back to planet Twinkle Toes. When they got there they drank some root beer floats. Timmy Tee Tee gave Jeff some mask so he could breath. Timmy Tee Tee thanked Jeff and let him wander all over the planet and let him be a
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