Timmy Turner's Worst Mistake Ever

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It all started back when Timmy Turner made the biggest mistake ever. Timmy had just woke up and he was heading to the kitchen. With his two fairys Wonda and Cosmo. Timmy’s mom made breakfast for them and the fairy’s when to fairyland to get power and came back to eat with them. They were on the way to school. But boy who made it all happen Croker had walked up and picked up timmy and shook him so he could get his lunch money. Though timmy was very mad today when he did it even though Croker does it every day. Timmy’s had got out of Crokers hands before he could shake the money out and he ran back home. He had got so made that he wished for the most powerful super powers ever and he would annihilate Croker at last. So he got his wish and he
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