Timmy Waters: A Short Story

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TIMMY WATERS Along a beach in California is a man who saved hundreds of animals and people and his name was Timmy Waters. The morning was simple with a bowl of cereal and a muffin. He was a tall and strong man with arms built for swimming and calves made for hauling. One morning he woke to peaceful sounds so, he dozed back off to sleep, Then when he woke up again, he heard knocking on his front door, as usual it was his neighbor waking him up for the easy day of work. Tim got up put on his shorts and t-shirt with his old brown boots, when he was done tying his boots, he went to the door to see that his friend Dave have let himself in, he was sitting in the apple-wood chair in the corner of the room gazing into the television. The first…show more content…
Even though it wasn’t a big job he still got paid $17.50 an hour, which is pretty darn favorable for a beach watcher. Then their came the ships at the docks. The first one was perfect, it floated straight between the docks. When the second ship came to the docks it veered left into the side of the docks. Tim was yelling, ”STOP”! While waving his hands back and forth towards the captain. The ship started tipping over and oil was getting everywhere. Dave already in the water getting all the children he could hold, So Tim said, ”get the kids first, then get the animals”. They got all the kids, then the animals they all were coated in oil, and some died. He ran them to the nearest hospital and drop them the kids off, then went back to the beach to look for any more dangers to the citizens along the beach. After a long check he went back home and waited for Dave to come past his house. Finally it was past midnight and there he was Tim walking up the front steps covered in oily clothes. Even though he was covered in oil. Timmy said,” jump on the couch, you can stay here for the night. After they fell asleep, it didn’t seem long till it was morning, up and still dripping with oil, ready to go to work was Dave. But today we would be helping to clean the water and the beach and make sure nothing like that would happen ever

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