Timoth Timothy's Relationship

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Once there was a man named Timothy, who was a rather smart and wealthy man. Timothy was naturally an atheist, since he did not believe there was a God. Timothy a wise professor that taught philosophy at the university of Yale. It was a problem, that he was an atheist, besides the point he was married to a young Christian doctor. Her name was Elizabeth, although people called her doctor J which was her last name after she married Timothy J. Timothy and Elizabeth met at a Newsboys concert that Timothy 's friends invited him to. About three years ago, she knew he wasn 't a Christian, but they still dated and after one year of dating they proceeded with getting married. They imagined that they would be a perfect couple and would live happily ever after.…show more content…
She would find herself proceeding to church on Sunday by herself while Timothy would stay home or proceed to work, although he doesn 't have to work on Sundays! This created tension between these two, they would fight harshly over if they would proceed to church or proceed to one of his friends ' parties, they would argue brutaly about proceeding to church or staying home. Timothy did not approve of Elizabeth who preached about her faith to his friends or to the company from his university. One day Elizabeth wanted to hang a beautiful picture that was handed down from her family line, it was a picture of Jesus walking on water, but Timothy rebuked to have it on their wall, they fought about it and it ended up breaking. Elizabeth was so upset she packed her a bag and moved
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