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The article that stood out to me was “Its Your Move” by Timothy Church. It gave valuable information on how regular exercise in adults can lead to a multitude of positive effects on the body both physically and mentally. Three main points of the article were exercise could reduce the risk of disabilities as we age, regular exercise can reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease and that everyone has the time for exercise. When you think of aging you often associate it with weakness. In every sport there is an old woman or man who is participating in that sport and excelling in it. Why is that? Is it because that woman or man was gifted genetics to make him/her special in their respective sport? No, these men and women work very hard to get to where they are and to where they are going. According to Church (2003), maintaining your strength is important because if you don’t, you will lose it (p3). Even if it means walking around the inside of your house for a couple of laps, it’s still something. No one became great overnight and we all have to start somewhere, that little start might be the start…show more content…
Church says “150 minutes a week” which is the largest number in the entire article (p6). This comes out to around 21.4 minutes of exercise a day. This is a number that is extremely reasonable and one which most of us can attain. Why is watching a show we don 't like just to pass the time something that we choose over taking the time to exercise? Exercise can be everything from walking up the stairs to riding your bicycle to work instead of driving. There is really no excuse for not putting in the time for your future. We can all relate to wanting to put that extra $50 in our savings account for the future but we do not all think of putting that extra 24 minutes a week for our health. Money will come and go but your health will either work for you or against

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