Timothy Mcveigh And The Persian Gulf War

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Timothy McVeigh was an Army veteran who slowly turned into a radical right-wing survivalist. (Kraska, 1998) Raised in working-class Pendleton, New York, McVeigh parents divorced, and he continued to live with his father, whereas he developed an interest in guns; as a separatist, he was being bullied as a teenager. While living with his father, McVeigh read The Turner Diaries, an anti-government book by neo-Nazi William Pierce. (Biography, 2017) McVeigh joined the Army right after graduating high school. McVeigh served in the Persian Gulf War; nevertheless, he received several decorated medals for his military service. However, after failing to qualify for the Special Forces program, McVeigh grew increasingly disillusioned with the U.S. government after being discharged from the Army. (Biography, 2017) McVeigh felt the US Government was a tyrant, slowly taking away individual's liberty and arms right. While serving in the military McVeigh befriend Terry Nichols and Michael Fortier, who were all genuinely radicalized by such events that occurred August 1992, between federal agents and survivalist Randy Weaver at his Idaho, Ruby Ridge cabin, in which Weaver’s wife and son were killed during a shootout.…show more content…
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