Timothy Taylor In Defense Of Outsourcing

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The growth of outsourcing has spurred a contentious debate whether outsourcing is the sole reason the manufacturing sector is losing jobs, and if, in the end, it is better for the average consumer. In the article Toward a Progressive View on Outsourcing, written by Sarah Anderson, John Cavanagh, Jeff Madrick, and Doug Henwood in 2004, their stance is that outsourcing of manufacturing jobs is not the only problem, but also the outsourcing of service sector jobs, and that outsourcing will have a largely negative effect on the everyday life of the average American. Every author has substantial qualifications, including “Sarah Anderson [being] a global economy project director and John Cavanagh [being] the director of the Institute for Policy Studies” (Anderson 23). Meanwhile, In Defense of Outsourcing – written in 2005 – Timothy Taylor takes a conflicting view. He believes that outsourcing benefits the Unites States’ consumer, and any negative effects are offset by other factors. Timothy Taylor also has the qualification to address this topic; he is the editor for the Journal of Economic Perfectives. Both articles are heavily…show more content…
Timothy believes that outsourcing jobs will be offset by the creation of service jobs involving the newly developed products. For instance, the production of personal computers outside of the United States has greatly reduced the price of personal computers for Americans; therefore, more Americans can now purchase a personal computer – where before it was a far-stretched concept. In turn, these personal will create service sector jobs involving marketing, selling, and servicing of the personal computers (Taylor 371). Taking this claim at face-value, this argument for outsourcing would be extremely encouraging. The magnitude of job creation could be broad – especially when considering the possibilities outside of personal

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