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Tin is one of a mineral that is produced from reducing the oxide ore with coal in a furnace. It was formed from sediment of granite rock and can be founded in the river, in the ground and in the sea. Generally, the silver tin is shiny and malleable (Stephanie Pappas, 2015). Bangka Belitung surrounded by the sea with a stretch of granite, so the islands are well known as one of the world's second largest tin sources which supply more than 40% of tin in the world (Sapanli, 2009). Throughout history, Bangka Belitung as one of the largest tin sources in the world. Therefore, tin becomes a main income in leading Bangka Belitung’s economic. The high price of tin made people in Bangka Belitung and even overseas have ambition to get the profit from tin mining.…show more content…
Mostly, tin mining take place on land, river and sea. Consequently, all of the unconventional mining leave many deep holes and flooded. People call them “Camuy holes”. Therefore, the holes can pollute the soil around them and difficult to grow many kinds of crops because of the sediment and mud. Without conservation process, the land can only be grown by palm trees. Moreover, Bangka Belitung have beautiful beach around them and produce many kind of high quality seafood. Unfortunately, the sea are polluted because of the exploitation. Moreover, 2013 was the first big flooding in Bangka. Secondly, loss of heritages. Long time ago, Bangka Belitung are well known as the source of spices, therefore, there were Chinese and Malay kingdom ever came to the island and built the kingdoms there. Actually, it is easy to find the valuable relics. Unfortunately, because of the exploitation by using suction dredgers and vessels in the sea, resulted many remnants of history becomes damaged. Moreover, Bangka was well known as location of the biggest electricity generator in the world was forgotten, because the exploitation is also happened in that

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