Tina Fey's Remembrances Of Being A Little Bit Fat

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Tina Fey, a well-known actress, comedian, writer and producer has written the #1 national bestseller and was nominated for AA Grammy Award with her novel, Bossypants. Throughout this novel Fey describes many major unlucky lifetime events that have led to her very successful career of many titles. She emphasizes the series of events that have developed her comical personality and well known recognition. Through these stories of her personal experiences, which are chronologically ordered, Fey creates a life theory with each one. With each idea, Fey argues many different social issues, such as our society needing to be more accepting, a stronger relationship of mothers with their children, and Americans attitude on many things. In this novel,…show more content…
In a brief point in Fey’s life described in “Remembrances of Being a Little Bit Fat,” Fey suggests to her audience that being a little over weight or “fat’ is nothing to be ashamed of, and at some points it’s something we can or can’t control and it’s a choice we can make in life. She supports her suggestion by using a list of examples of “benefits” she experienced while being fat. She includes positive things such as “My boobs were bigger” (107). This statement is used to make fun of her “fat self” but is used to entertain her audience as well as have them accept their physical form just the way they are. Fey also uses verbal irony to describe her unhealthy self. She says “I took personal inventory of all my healthy body parts for which I am grateful: wide German hips that look like somebody wrapped Pillsbury dough around a case of soda” (24). Fey is conveying an expression that is obviously opposite of what she means. Wide set hips are not considered healthy, if you women have attended any recent doctor appointments concerning health, and physician would inform you of that. Previously to this chapter Fey describes a flashback of being skinny to contradict her previous point, as well to makes efforts to show her audience it doesn’t matter your size, you just need to embrace yourself and find your true beauty and accept it. Fey, using an informal tone to describe this issue makes for a very conversational and friendly setting between herself and the audience, making it easier for the readers to realize and accept who they

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