Tina Ffey's Book Bossypants

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Tina Fey’s book Bossypants caught many by storm. This amazing comedian started from the bottom and worked her way to the top. From working at a theater to becoming one of the best to appear on one of America’s favorite television shows Saturday Night Live, Tina Fey has become one of the biggest women’s advocates. This came immediately after Mrs. Fey released her book Bossypants. In this book, she discusses many lessons and past experiences with her audience. From her childhood to her celebrity life Tina Fey talks about the obstacles and conflicts she faced. However, unlike most people, Tina Fey took these challenges as motivation and turned it into a bestselling book. Tina Fey upsets many people with some things she mentions in the book, but…show more content…
Men are not expected to be hot, they are simply expected to be men. As for a woman, you must be hot, educated, nurturing, and more to be accepted by society. For this reason, if you aren’t accepted by the world, how can you easily accept yourself? However, Tina Fey continues to motivate her audience when she says, “If you retain nothing else, always remember the most important rule of beauty, which is: who cares?”. This is reinforcing that you shouldn’t care about another person’s opinion. Tina Fey provides more than enough motivation in this book for women that aren’t accepting of themselves. However, not only is women being motivated, but Mrs. Fey finds a way to inform society on how women are viewed by the public. She does this by including comments from people that aren’t fans of her. Instead of getting mad about the comments Tina Fey simply responds by saying that people wouldn’t criticize a man the same way they are criticizing her. She uses this strategy throughout the entire book to illustrate how negativity can be addressed in other ways. Many would agree that in this society, it is very challenging to respond to negativity without being negative, but somehow Tina Fey masters this concept in many ways. Another example Tina Fey use is when Jimmy Fallon criticized something Amy had done that he considered “unladylike”. You never hear anyone going around…show more content…
Society pressure women into being something they aren’t and that create insecurities and unhappiness within these women. Women should be able to do and say just as much as any man can do according to Tina Fey. An editor from Buzzfeed included her opinion on the book saying, “Fey laces her pages with the brutal truth of living in a male-dominated world where women get called bitches for leading others and demanding respect”. This comment proves that the audience agrees with Tina Fey’s thoughts on gender expectations. Supporting each other could be a confidence booster by just knowing that you have people in your corner. This is not to say that you need someone in your corner, but it would make things much easier. Instead of competing, everyone, no matter what gender or race should come together to limit these social issues as a unit. However, before you let others support and help you with these issues, you must first learn how to support yourself and be in your own corner. Tina Fey is a great example of doing so. The audience would assume that she has been perfect all her life, but she has had insecurities. For example, Tina Fey mentions how she had weird hips and many other unacceptable physical features. However, instead of being insecure, she accepted her flaws and said that she wouldn’t change anything on her body. Tina Fey proves this when someone calls her an ugly, pear-shaped,
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