Tinea Versicolor Research Paper

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Tinea Versicolor Pictures
Tinea versicolor is a type of fungal skin infection that affects many people. Here we offer some information, including some Tinea versicolor pictures to help you recognize and deal with this common condition.

Part 1: What Is Tinea Versicolor?
Tinea versicolor (also called pityriasis versicolor) is a common fungal skin infection that disrupts the normal coloration of the skin, resulting in the appearance of small patches. These discolored areas may also be itchy and flaky. Small spots can later blend into larger patches, usually on the oily parts of the upper body like your chest or back. These spots become lighter or darker than the surrounding skin areas (see Tinea versicolor pictures below).
Tinea versicolor is
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Tinea versicolor is usually diagnosed by physical examination of the rash. Diagnosis may be augmented with the use ultraviolet light, makes the affected areas look fluorescent (color yellow-green).
A skin scraping may be obtained by your doctor from the areas affected. The skin sample is sent to the laboratory for microscopic examination to confirm the diagnosis. In children, a clear tape may be used to lift skin sample from the affected areas.
The skin sample stuck to the tape is then placed directly on a glass slide to be examined under a microscope.
Consult your doctor if:
• Your symptoms do not improve with simple home remedies
• The infection returns
• Large areas of the body are affected

Part 5: Treatment
Topical (These medications are applied locally to the affected skin.)

Ciclopirox cream, lotion/gel Selenium sulfide 2.5% lotion Ketoconazole shampoo/

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