Tintern Abbey Poetry Analysis

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Firstly, to talk about memory, there is a riddle about it. That is, "It can bring tears to our eyes, resurrect the dead, make us smile, and reverse time. It forms in an instant but it lasts a life time." Also, there can be good and bad memories created at times depending upon the situation. Poets also use this technique of memory in poems making their poems more meaningful. Technically speaking, it is a fascinating way to write a poem and what will be discussed regarding this technique of 'memory' is the role of memory, good and bad effects of using this technique and the general idea behind using this technique. Specifically relating to a poem by William Wordsworth called "Composed a few miles above Tintern Abbey, on revisiting the banks of the Wye during a tour. July 13, 1798." Now speaking about role of memory, it has certain properties depending on the type of poem we are writing. If we want to write a melancholic poem, certainly we would be digging up sad memories from our past. similarly, if we want to write a blissful poem, happy thoughts and memories would be recollected. According to Wordsworth, he feels that memory plays a very important role in developing ones imagination. In the poem, Tintern…show more content…
Write about how this memory will affect our judgment and decisions we make later on in life. Memory allows William Wordsworth ’s speakers to overcome the harshness of the contemporary world. Recollecting their childhoods gives adults a hazard to reconnect with the visionary ability and intense relationship they had with nature as children. In turn, these memories encourage adults to re-cultivate as conclusion a relationship with nature as possible as an antidote to sadness, desolation , and desperation
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