Tiny Tim In A Christmas Carol

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Tiny Tim is one of the most influential characters in the movie A Christmas Carol. He is a sweet boy with many physical problems. Bob Cratchit’s son profoundly influenced Scrooge’s decision to change his cruel ways. Tiny Tim is very loving, though he has many problems. Tiny Tim is a crucial character in A Christmas Carol. Tiny Tim is a character in the Christmas Carol. Unfortunately, not only is he a child born into a home of poverty, the boy has a crippled leg, and , metal frames to support his body. Tim Cratchit also is identifiable by his brown hair and warm smile. Though he suffers, he is jolly, has a good spirit, has faith and is constantly grateful for the small things in life. Surprisingly, Tiny Tim is faithful and grateful because…show more content…
He makes the wise comments as he waits for his father to finish work. He concludes that if people saw him and his crippled leg, they would remember what Christmas is about. Furthermore, the boy said twice in the movie ‘God bless us, everyone.’ Therefore, my conclusion is that Tiny Tim felt love for his family and happiness for all. Though it must have been difficult, Tiny Tim felt no negative feelings toward the other characters in the story. He constantly smiled at passerby and companions. Tiny Tim was an intelligent boy that was pitied and displayed no disrespect for other characters. Desperation, sadness, and hope are feelings directed toward Tiny Tim. Desperation is felt for the young boy to survive. Additionally, the feeling of sadness is derived from the fact that this poor boy has a life threatening illness. The hope that Tiny Tim inspires is for our will for him to survive. Strong feelings are created by Tiny Tim, and we feel sadness, desperation, and hope. Tim Cratchit one of the main characters in the movie A Christmas Carol. Tim Cratchit is a young boy with many illnesses, therefore inspiring hope. He is a sweet boy with lots of spirit. Tim was pitied by many of the characters, including Scrooge, but also was the subject of his parents’ pride. Tiny Tim was a brave, loving character in A Christmas
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