Tipping Nachum Sicherman Analysis

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Tipping has become a huge debate within America. Many times people are unsure of how to tip and what to tip when at a restaurant. In countries overseas like Japan or in Europe, they work their tips into the prices at restaurants. Many claim that this is the way restaurants in America should start to do things. In the article “Don’t Forget to Stiff Your Waiter” by Nachum Sicherman, he argues that tipping is out of date and poses the question of why tipping even came about. Sicherman even points out that tips are usually divided by the waiters and waitresses at the end of the night, which he thinks is extremely irrational. Sicherman explains how tipping should be put to an end in restaurants across the United States and all restaurants should simply raise their prices to avoid any issues that may arise due to tipping. He effectively used assertion within the article to get his points across, but his use of authority wasn’t all that great. Sicherman starts the article by posing…show more content…
Sicherman claims that, “As one online travel guide advises: “In New York City, it is customary to tip 20% . . . a good estimate is to simply double the N.Y.C. local tax and round up.”” (Sicherman) I would say that this is a fairly standard tip across the board and that most people who eat out at restaurants tip approximately twenty percent. This use of authority is not a good example of a credible source. An online travel guide would not be a good example because, as everyone has learned or been taught, is that not everything you read on the Internet is true. This online travel guide could be credible, but since there isn’t a name associated with it, the reader will never know if it’s accurate or not. If Sicherman had said which online travel guide, then maybe it would be a credible one, but more than likely, since he didn’t say the name of the online travel guide, it isn’t
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