Ethical Issues In Tissue Engineering Essay

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INTRODUCTION Limited financial resources are available to serve the entire population needs for biomaterials to increase mobility, decrease pain and overall improve life. Their ability to maintain their physical health show that an individual’s general health level. Therefore, I believe that it is important for Bioengineers to continue research and development to find longer lasting biomaterials, improve procedures and techniques to lead to more cost effective solutions. Over 300 years ago, scientists and doctors realized they could use cells as a means to improve tissue damage [4]. This was shown in the first attempt of a bone graft in 1668 by Job-Van Meek’ren, the Dutch surgeon [4]. When orthopedic cases require to use biomaterial, there are many ethical issue arise. “Aids in cavity-compression, creating a seal around the humeral head, and augments glenohumeral stability,” as stated in Sports Medicine Update [9]. The labrum sits in the…show more content…
When the stem cells are harvested, the fetus is destroyed. This breaks the code of ethics for engineers when it says, “Engineers shall hold paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public” [6]. Destroying the fetus is obviously a breach of this because the engineers are not concerned with the safety or health of the fetus. Some people do not agree that this is an ethical issue because they believe a fetus does not have life yet. Most religions agree that life begins at the moment of conception, therefore destroying a fetus is murder. Science also agrees that the fetus has life, just the same as a developed baby [8]. Since murder is a felony this technically makes the engineers or doctors who destroy the fetus for the use of the stem cells, criminals. Considering that abortion is legal in our country and the choice of the woman, this is not currently the public
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