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Laboratory Report No. 2: Tissues
I. Introduction After the cell, tissue is the second smallest unit of life. Tissues are made up of cells that group together to perform a unified function, tissues in turn make up organs and so on. There are 4 main types of tissues: Epithelial tissue, Connective tissue, Muscular tissue, and Nervous tissue. These types are classified according to structure, function, and location. The experiment focused on viewing real tissue specimens form different organs of different organisms through a light microscope. It aimed to familiarize the students to the different types of tissues that are present on living organisms. The tissue experiment enables the students to differentiate each type of tissue from another.
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Results and Discussion
The group viewed each specimen in the microscope, the members then observed four types of tissues. Each tissue was identified. The results are as follows:

• Epithelial Tissue
- The epithelial tissue covers majority of the body surface and also makes up the lining of some internal organs. This tissue is responsible for the protection of the body from dust, dirt, bacteria and other organisms that lie outside the body, it may also be changed/modified to glands that produce mucus, hormones, enzymes and etc. , also all epithelial cells are supported by a basement membrane underneath it.
- There are 2 different classifications of epithelial tissue, the types of cell (squamous, cuboidal, columnar) and the number of layers (simple- one layer, stratified- two or more layers, pseudo stratified- one layer but it looks like there’s more than one), but there is also one special type of epithelial tissue which is called transitional epithelial tissue.

• Connective Tissue
- The connective tissue supports and binds other tissues together (such as muscle to bones and etc.). There are less cells in connective tissues compared to epithe¬lial tissues because there are spaces between the cells called the “matrix” which are made out of ground substance (water) + fibers. There are two types of connective tissue, the 1st is loose connective tissue an example of which is blood, the 2nd is called dense connective, bones and ligaments are examples of

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