Noses Should Be Banned In Schools Essay

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Blowing you’re nose in a classroom while other students are attempting to learn is absolutely disgusting. Tissue paper owners should be banned from schools. Students who blow their noses in class have no respect for themselves or others. There should be a rule made for these disappointing behaviors that take place at schools. To start off, students who blow their noses in class distracts other students from learning. Parents, do you seriously want your children’s education to be limited because of some nose blowing? Let me answer that for you…. No! Student’s come to school with the intention of getting perfect grades and can’t waste any time being distracting by disgusting nose blowers. Students who blow their noses…show more content…
And of course my teacher, Mrs. Morris put my seat right next to him. I couldn’t understand why on earth he would be blowing his nose considering he was a freaking germaphobe! We could get rid of tissue paper by making a change and actually taking initiative. Calling stores that sell tissue paper and telling them to stop selling them would really make a difference. Getting rid of tissue paper, which is the actual problem, not the person, can help kids learn more effectively. Kid’s won’t have to be annoyed or feel gross. It’ll be less of a distraction. To make sure that this will never be a problem again, all people wo are anti-tissue must kill anyone in sight who are advertising tissue boxes, has a tissue in their hand and even anyone who has snot and boogers coming from out of their noses. We want to make sure that children in their classes aren’t ever distracted again. For the people who aren’t sick we want to create a safe zone. This safe zone will consist of all the cleaning supplies in the world so that they don’t get sick and won’t have to blow their noses in class and distract other class members and get killed by the anti-tissue group. Another possible solution is to make anyone who
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