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Introduction: Tissue types in human body. (Kent, 2000) Human body can be classified in many classes. The basic part is cell, cells combine together to make up tissue, tissues combine together to form organs which can work together making up human system and the human systems make up the entire human body. Tissues are group of cells (usually are similar cells) which held together forming common structure that provides the ability to work in union to carry out a specific function (Blueford and Davidson, 2015). Tissues are intermediate organization level in the body between cells and complete organ. There are several types of tissues which can be found in human body. Muscular tissue is one type of human tissue types. It is a soft tissue that…show more content…
The heart is covered by two-layered wall that form a sac which enclose it, and the space between the layers is filled with lubricating fluid to allow them to slide past each other. One full cardiac cycle takes about 0.8 second, so it needs a much specified tissues and cells to hold on this precise function (Campbell, 1977). The wall that enclose the heart is comprises of three layers. Outer pericardium is the very outer layer of the heart wall which consists of adipose and connective tissues and it functions reducing the friction to protect the heart. Epithelial and connective tissues form the endocardium which is the inner layer of the wall, it contains cardiac muscle fibers as well. The layer that localized between the endocardium and pericardium called myocardium, it is made up of organized cardiac muscle tissues which is well-supplied by blood due to it’s essential role in cardiac muscle contractions (Moini, 2011). The cardiac muscle is composed of tissues called Cardiac Muscle Tissue, It can only be found in the contractile walls of the heart and it has an involuntary nature. Cardiac tissues are like other muscle tissues made up of specific cells called Muscle Fibers. The reason of the capability of the cardiac muscle tissues to contract is it’s composition of microfilaments which is made up of proteins called actin and myosin (Harwood and Wilkin,…show more content…
Intercalated discs Heart: One full cardiac cycle takes about 0.8 second, so it needs a much specified tissues and cells to hold on this precise function. Tissues of cardiac muscle are responsible in the process of pumping blood via contracting the heart muscle which causes moving the blood throughout the entire body parts. (Wiley, 2012) The two atria in the heart have relatively thin walls, and it works as chamber to collect blood returned to the heart. These thin walls are enough to pump the blood to a short distance only to the ventricles. But the walls of the ventricles are much thicker and powerful because it is responsible of pumping the blood from the heart to all body organs via organized circuit. The heart chambers fill and pump in specific sequence called the cardiac cycle which contains two phases, contraction phase called systole and relaxation phase called diastole. (Campbell, 1977) Function:

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