Connective Tissue In The Human Body

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Human body consist of many different type of cells and the collection of them form the tissue. Tissue is a group of cells that is highly organized manner according to the specific function and structure which then make up organs and various part of body. (Slomianka, 2009)There are four types of tissues that make up the human body, which is epithelial tissue, connective tissue, muscle tissue and neural tissue. However, the tissue that gives support to the body and made up the bones is connective tissue. The functions of connective tissues are giving the structural framework of the human body, transport fluids and dissolve materials, protect important and delicate organs and store energy. (Frederic H. Martini, William C.Ober, Judi L.Nath, Edwin…show more content…
While matrix is a substance that embedded the cells. Connective tissue appear in various type throughout the human body but it is never been exposed to the outside environment. (Frederic H. Martini, William C.Ober, Judi L.Nath, Edwin F.Bartholomew, & Kevin Petti, 2015)In foetuses and embryos, there were embryonic tissue. After birth, there is mature connective tissue. Mature connective tissue consists of three components and can be divided into six types. (Slomianka, 2009)

Figure 3: Components and type of connective tissue.
Cartilage and bone connective tissue those are in supporting connective tissue, differ from the other connective tissue, which is having a less various cell population and a matrix that contains much more densely packed fibres. The functions of supporting tissues are to support weight of part of all of the body and protect tissue. Bones connective tissue or also called osseous tissue, have a small volume of ground substance- found between the fibre and connective tissues that contain insoluble crystals of calcium salt. Two-third of the bone matrix consist of calcium salts-primarily calcium phosphate mix with calcium carbonate. The rest is the collagen fibre. Collagen
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Bone remodelling is an ongoing process of renewing and recycling of bone matrix or tissue. It involves 2 processes which is osteolysis, the removal of minerals collagen and fibre (matrix) from the bone by secreting the acids and proteolytic enzyme by the osteoclast, and osteogenesis, the process of producing new bones by addition of minerals and collagen fibre to bone by osteoblast. Remodelling of bone takes place in different rate in the region of the body. Even after the bone reaches their peak bone mass, they still continually remodelling the bone. The activity of osteoblasts and osteoclasts need to be balanced so there will not be too much new tissue produced and make the bone heavy and thicker, or too much loss of calcium and minerals that can cause osteoporosis. Some of the important elements needed in bones remodelling is minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and calcium and some type of hormone, for example parathyroid hormone (PTH), calcitonin and

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