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In this essay I will be writing about the two main characters of the novels we read this partial which were somehow alike, Tita de la Garza from Like Water for Chocolate, and Jean-Baptiste Grenouille who belongs to Pefume, about their similarities, but also their differences, showing which were their attributes and how they develop according to the story. The first similarity shown in the books has to be between the protagonists, Tita and Jean-Baptiste, with the unique attributes each of them possess. Tita de la Garza is gifted with cooking skills, while Grenouille is gifted with the capacity of smelling the essence of anything. The fact that both main characters own a unique skill makes the novel’s subject revolve around them. In Perfume the…show more content…
Author Laura Esquivel presents Tita’s death in a very unrealistic way, when she eats matches and walks through a tunnel of light and ignites herself, “You must take care to light the matches one at a time. If a powerful emotion should ignite them all at once, they would produce a splendor so dazzling that it would illuminate far beyond what we can normally see; and then a brilliant tunnel would appear before our eyes, revealing the path we forgot the moment we were born, and summoning us to regain the divine origins we had lost. The soul ever longs to return to the place from which it came, leaving the body lifeless.” (Esquivel, 1989), and also, Süskind presents Grenouille’s death in a unlikely scenario, when after Grenouille is released from his death sentence he feels sad, suicidal and depressed because after his creation he believes there are no greater scents to be discovered, so he goes back to his birthplace, covers himself with his creation and is devoured by a…show more content…
It could not turn him into a person who could love and be loved like everyone.” (Süskind, 1985), his only purpose to kill young beautiful girls was extracting their scent so he could be able to create an essence that would prevail forever, and all this for his merely own benefit “He had preserved the best part of her and made it his own: the principle of her scent.” (Süskind,

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