Titan Mythology Research Paper

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Myths are known across the globe and within different cultures. The cultures have their own myths on creation, creatures, or the humans on earth. These myths are told to tell how the land and creatures were created. Today two myths from a different culture will be viewed while answering some questions and describing the myths of those cultures. The myths that will be looked at are The Creation of the Titans and the Gods from Greece and Rome and The Aboriginal Creation from Australia. Location The two myths that were chosen take place in special areas. These areas include the sky, earth and the underworld. The myth from Australia looks to take place on earth. The myth stays on the earth to describe how the land and creatures where created. The other myth from Greece and Rome seem to take place in two different locations. These locations seem to include the air and the earth. The myth seems to start out in the air and then transfers over to the earth for a short time before returning to the air. This myth might also feature the underworld. Both of the myths have elements of rocks or land as the elements. The myth from Greece and Rome also has…show more content…
This myth has two main characters that are man and woman who are married. The story begins by telling how three immortals were created. One of the immortals, Gaea who is Mother Earth had given birth to her husband Uranus who is Father Sky. Gaea became upset with her husband when he sent some of children down to another world and wanted to seek revenge on him. When Uranus was defeated Cronus (one Uranus's son) had taken Uranus's place as the sky god, and Gaea had told Cronus one of his children would fill a prophecy and overtake him (Rosenberg, 2006, "Chapter 2: The Creation of the Titans and the Gods"). The husband Uranus and son Cronus are described as the destroyers of the story because how Uranus and Cronus treat their own
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