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The story revolves around two individuals emerging from totally different social class who subsequently fall in love regardless of many obstacles faced by them. The film opens in present time and shows an expedition team diving and searching the area where the famous ship ‘Titanic’ was sunk taking along many lives with it. They discover a 53 Caret blue diamond. When this diving mission is broadcasted on television, Rose a very aged about 101 years old woman, claims to be the owner of that blue diamond and that she was among the few survivors of that incident. She then narrates the whole of story, the sinking of Titanic and her own love story associated with it. The film then goes back into the flashback, to the year 1912, where
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The final scene of the film shows a young Rose at the Grand Staircase of the Titanic, reunited with Jack. All the people who lost their lives in this tragic incident are present there and are overjoyed at their reunion. Whether it is a conscious dream or Rose has died in her sleep, is purposely left uncertain by the director to create an impression.
Titanic was released on December 19, 1997 and the running time total about 194 minutes. This film managed to earn the number one spot on all the box office charts in the months following its release and was the highest grossing film in the world until Cameron’s 2009 film ‘Avatar’ came. It was able to gross the total of over $600 million in the U.S. and Canada, and more than $1.8 billion worldwide. Its domestic lifetime gross ranged to $658,672,302 and worldwide lifetime gross amounted $2,186,772,302.
Despite facing criticism at the production stage, Titanic was nominated for 14 Oscars and it won 11 Oscars which included some like Best Movie, Great editing, Excellent Soundtrack and Best Script.
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When rescue boats arrive, Rose is placed in one but Jack and Cal cannot go on it as it is just meant for the women and kids. Cal although tries to guarantees Rose that he has a boat for Jack and they both will soon join her so that she stays there and doesn’t come back to Jack, she after gazing at Jack jumps back onto titanic as she doesn’t want to leave Jack alone and she also does not trust Cal’s words. By that time, Titanic splits in two and people start to fall in the cold water. There aren’t any lifeboats left and Jack and Rose go into the water and find a wooden piece. They both try to get onto it but the balance disrupts as the wooden piece can only hold one person. Jack asks Rose to lean on the wooden slab until any rescue comes. He risks his own life by staying in the cold freezing water and saves Rose by getting her onto the wooden slab. Otherwise, both have died as no one would have been gotten completely out of the cold icy water. Rose shivers with cold and tries to say their goodbye but Jack scolds her not to do so. He asks her not to fear anything as he is with her and assures her that nothing would happen to her and that she will die old, warm in her bed and not like this. They both have intense talks and Jack while shivering with cold informs Rose that winning the tickets of titanic was the best thing ever happened with him as it brought him to her. He
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