Titanic Analysis Essay

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The story revolves around two individuals emerging from totally different social class who subsequently fall in love regardless of many obstacles faced by them. The film opens in present time and shows an expedition team diving and searching the area where the famous ship ‘Titanic’ was sunk taking along many lives with it. They discover a 53 Caret blue diamond. When this diving mission is broadcasted on television, Rose a very aged about 101 years old woman, claims to be the owner of that blue diamond and that she was among the few survivors of that incident. She then narrates the whole of story, the sinking of Titanic and her own love story associated with it. The film then goes back into the flashback, to the year 1912, where
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Due to these newly emerging feelings, Rose decides to leave the boat with Jack and dump her fiancé Cal. But to their great dismay, fate has different plans and it intervene by playing its trick and the Titanic hits the iceberg. As it sinks slowly, one can see the fear and desperation the two lovers’ experience. They face every hurdle together and do not leave one another’s side. They are even ready to sacrifice their lives for one another. While, Rose survives to tell this great tale, Jack is met with a terrible fate as he tries to save Rose by giving up his own life. Rose manages to get on the only lifeboat that managed to comeback and was among the few survivors. In the penultimate scene of the film, the aged Rose after completing the story, gets up and walks till the edge of Lovett’s ship and drops the engagement pendent into the water given by her fiancé.

As she sleeps, pictures around her illustrate and portray all what she said she would do with her life with Jack. The final scene of the film shows a young Rose at the Grand Staircase of the Titanic, reunited with Jack. All the people who lost their lives in this tragic incident are present there and are overjoyed at their reunion. Whether it is a conscious dream or Rose has died in her sleep, is purposely left uncertain by the director to create an impression.
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