Reaction Paper About Titanic

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Titanic In today’s world, its based on how great a film can be and if it will win an Oscar Grammy. It also teaches you life lessons as well that money doesn 't matter, when it comes to finding true love and sacrifice. It’s about surviving the world too and what 's going to come. Watching a movie can relieve stress and have a nice chill night with your friends. One of the major reasons so many people died was that there weren 't enough translators on board. While the first and second class passengers universally spoke English, most of the third class were immigrants. A good number came from non-English speaking nations, and there were few crew members to act as translators. Once the ship struck, these passengers in particular were unable to get information to realize what was happening and what…show more content…
The rich man that Rose was with before started to notice and Rose called off their relationship and wedding. He got upset and wouldn 't let her go, an Iceberg bumps into the ship and it made a hole which caused the ship to slowly sink everything went chaotic. People were terrified and made sacrifices to leave their loved ones and got on the small boats the ship previted. Rose managed to get on top of a wooden door and Jack leaned on the wooden floating door. Waiting for help, Rose took a nap and when she woke up Jack died (James Cameron & Jon Landau 1997). The boat sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and killed 1,503 people and only 705 people survived. There was several actions people could of taken so Titanic wouldn 't sink. Captain Smith was going too fast and should of slowed down. They spend a lot of money on Titanic and they even said it was an unsinkable ship so then why did it sink? People worked hard to make that ship so why did it go down? The force of the ship going faster made it even worse of an impact. It didn 't have enough life vests and safety
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