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April 15, 1912 the world’s largest steamship sank into the cold, dark, depths of the north atlantic ocean. This terrible tragedy changed safety standards forever, because of this event we are far safer today. This is the tale of the ever famous beautiful ship Titanic. Titanic deemed “the unsinkable ship” that being because it was top of the line for it’s time. This saying and belief is what would lead many passengers to their watery grave sticking to their belief that the ship was unsinkable as the ship was descending into the dark atlantic waters. Even if the ship was to go down which they didn’t believe Titanic exceeded the number of lifeboats you had to have according to the British board of trade at that time(“titanic”). By many people’s standards Titanic was one of the safest ships of its time. However multiple major flaws with the ship would prove everyone wrong. The ship made its descent from south Hampton, England and its final destination was New York, USA. However…show more content…
Many of the survivors of Titanic even having survived the accident had terrible damage done to their mental health. Titanic survivor Eva Miriam Hart in an interview about her experience with Titanic said “...The worst thing I can remember are the screams…”(“Miss Eva Miriam Hart”). Many children were left without fathers. Titanic survivor Mirvina Dean said in an interview “...My father was never found…”(“Titanic”). Many of Titanic survivors were treated with injustice after surviving Titanic especially the women. Molly Brown also known as “the unsinkable Molly Brown” was treated terribly inside her lifeboat but was never asked to testify because she was a women (“Titanic”). Rms would gradually gain a small reputation for having sinking ships, the Lusitania launched the same year as Titanic would later be sunk by a U-boat’s

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