Titanic Narrative Story

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It was one clear fine day in the beginning of May, and my family were getting ready to go on a cruise ship. We were going to the west side of New York. We were visiting Ireland and going back to New York. “Can you help me dad,” I said.
“With what,”He said. I responded, “With my Suitcase.” “Sure,”He said. “Oh No, our ship leaves in 15 minutes,”My Mom said. So then we all had to rush, and I just threw my suitcase in the car because I did not want to be late. Because we are going on the strongest, and most coolest ship, The Titanic. This is the first time the Titanic has been on the water, but I wasn’t worried about anything, because it is the strongest ship. We made it with 5 more minutes. We all rushed to get on the ship. But when I was next to the ship I saw big, bold words, Titanic. All the sudden I got struck by
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Then I heard my name. “Alex...Alex.”I ran to the voices. We all met up. The first thing I said was”Rafts!” We all went to the rafts without hesitation. I spotted one more and I pointed to it and then we all jumped on it.


I looked back in horror, and I couldn’t believe it. The strongest ship had just sunken. So much things were going through my mind. It hit me, the Titanic sunken because of the iceberg course! Then Clint started crying. Clint barely cries… I realized that Henry was still on the ship. My whole family loved that dog. Then I got struck by relief another boat came and rescued us. My family got on the boat last, and we all went on the boat and saw dozens of people crying. I saw a family holding a small jacket realizing that they just lost their little kid. I realized that we were the luckiest one’s on the ship. Not just because we where that only whole family to survive. Is that there was only about 20 of us on this boat. I couldn’t believe on how lucky we where. I went over to the family holding the jacket and tried my best to cheer them up.
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