Titanic Persuasive Speech

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Could this disaster happen today? #1

I could but it will be very rare because we have an echo system that sends a high pitch of sound into the water and it bounces backs.Now the cruise ships have enough live boats to hold every man women and child.tittanic had many was to stop it from sinking like the watertight chambers but if it filled more than 4 chambers then it will sink.

What could have been done to prevent the disaster at that time?#2

There 's a lot to prevent it. First, they could have been less urgent and keep a better eye one the water. They could have paid more attention to the warnings. They could have gone slower than going full force. They could have taken shifts like someone works the first 12 hours.They could have prevented by more lifeboats so everyone can still be alive
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When the rivets have a lot of stress on it the rivets can just pop out like a zipper on a jacket causing the hull to full off. Also, the captain Edward smith did not listen to the warnings about ice. The titanic could have put enough lifeboats to save everyone but they did not. Also, the climate could have participated to the sinking of the titanic like the gulf stream was warmer than usual could have melted the glaciers that can put more ice in the water

Did anything good happen as a result of this disaster?

Yes, we learned a lot from the titanic like not using cheap materials like the rivets.The other one is we have the echo system.We learned that all ships have to have enough lifeboats. They also need more life vests. Finally, you need someone on duty and well
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