Titanic (Rough Draft)

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Titanic (Rough Draft) [April 14, 1912] Perhaps it could 've been the last day of my life, my chances of living was over 2,000 souls and only 20 lifeboats. It all began as I find myself in the Cigar Room not noticing people running and the screams of fear. I stay relaxed and tell myself what I heard or saw was just an illusion. “Get on deck now and get a life jacket, or you’ll all drown with this ship!” an officer yelled. It was from this point on that I knew my life was going to change. I follow the man’s orders and headed towards the ship’s deck as fast as I could. “Rick!” Jack yelled. He was a good friend of mine, me and him were both in the Cigar Room relaxing, I figured he got the message too, since I saw him panicking. “There’s no time
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