Titanic Sink Persuasive Essay

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The Iceberg Hits

In addition, lookouts did not have access to binoculars, so by the time they spotted the iceberg, it was in right in front of the Titanic. Then, Officer Murdoch commanded the workers in the engine room to turn left. He then commanded them to put the Titanic in reverse, but it was not enough. The Titanic’s right side scraped along the rigid form of the Iceberg. The ship was taking in big gulps of water! There were 16 compartments and the Titanic could stay afloat with about 3 or 4 filled, but the Titanic had water in 5-6 compartments already. The captain said to start lowering lifeboats and to have wireless operators to start sending calls for help! The “Unsinkable” Titanic was going to sink.

The Titanic Sinks

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