Titanic Social Inequality

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A profound image of a tilted balance scale hover over society as social inequality continue to exist in today 's time of era where certain people in the bottom of the hierarchy are cruelly challenged. Social inequality is the unfair distribution of opportunities and money considering the different social statuses of the people within a community where those in powers are the puppeteers pulling the strings to how the country essentially functions. One side of the balance scale is tipped higher than the other, which signifies the plentiful assets given only to the majority of high-class people while the poor stay to live in a destitute condition. Currently, social inequality is a destruction that persists to prevail in society due to socioeconomic…show more content…
According to the official recorded information about the deaths and survivors of the mishap with the ship, 63% of 2,233 people died, most being from the third-class while many survived from the first-class (Diamond-Welch, 2012). The ship primarily prioritized the first-class people 's safety and had them fill in the rescue boats more, compared to the people of lower classes. Notably, the First Class are even given spacious and elegant rooms once they boarded the ship, in comparison to the dark and cramped spaces the Third Class received in treatment (Rowlands, 2012). Nonetheless, the social services shown by Titanic are awfully bold and repulsive with the way every individual seems to have a price tag above their head. People from the first-class are fragile, worth more and are pampered from head to toe. So as the staff of the ship learns of the dangers of the sea and the ship is too late for salvation, they immediately focus on saving the rich while the less wealthy ones are left to worry about themselves on their own. Furthermore, the socioeconomic factors is even more apparent in the 2012 documentary film called "A Place at the Table" explaining the dark stories enveloping certain coasts of America that many people may not be aware since the popular celebrities seem to occupy the world 's curiosity more than the concern of the country 's social inequality. Misfortunes of the poor are finally brought to light as the film showcases the struggle they face just from having to get through one day of their
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