Titanic Spiracy: The Titanic Conspiracy

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The Titanic Conspiracy

The great ship, watched by well-wishers on the pier, some of whom were waving to friends and relatives on board, sailed out of the Southampton harbor in England. The moment was finally here. It was the afternoon of Wednesday, April 10, 1912. Its much talked about, and long awaited maiden voyage had begun.
For this leg of the voyage, the ship 's final destination was to be New York City, in the United States. However, fate had planned otherwise.
The ship had two scheduled stops, before the first leg of the voyage was to be completed. Those stops were to board additional passengers, and were scheduled for Cherbourg, France, and Cobh, known then as Queenstown, Ireland, respectively. There was another stop, however, that was not scheduled for, or foreseen, a stop that would be disastrous. Moreover, this stop would be one of the worst of its kind for years to come. This stop would bring the ship to the end of its voyage long before it reaches its New York 's destination. This stop would bring the great ship and some of her passengers to be rested on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.
Fate had dealt unkindly with the great ship and its passengers.
The ship 's uncompleted maiden voyage would be its first and only.
It was widely publicized that the ship striking an iceberg was the cause of the disaster, and this was obvious to the naked eyes. It, however, went deeper than any iceberg, deep into the world of sinister forces.
The real cause of this disaster

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