Titanic: The Tragic History Of Titanic

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Unsinkable boat, if there is someone says this, I really believe that most of people will imagine to the story of luxurious big boat that became one of tragic history. The story of Titanic was revealed pass through the movie ‘Titanic’ which directed by James Cameron, full quality director in Hollywood. It is the movie that James got inspiration from real situation that happened to this boat in 1912. Titanic is the name of white boat which travelled from England to New York City. The characteristics that make Titanic different from other boat in that period are capaciousness and luxury of it. The weight of Titanic is approximately forty-six thousand tons, eight hundred and eight hundred eighty-two feet long. Titanic can contain passengers and crews more than thousand people (Dave Fowler, n.d.). From the color, it made this boat looks more valuable. The passengers of Titanic were classified by their social classes and separated them to different area. There are three classes of passenger; first, second, and third class. The first class is for aristocracy…show more content…
I have had flowers, letters, telegrams-people until I am befuddled. They are petitioning Congress to give me a medal... If I must call a specialist to examine my head it is due to the title of Heroine of the Titanic.
Millvina Dean was another one woman who survives from Titanic. She was travelled with her family; father, mother, and one brother in third class passengers. Dean family lost Bertram Dean, the head of family in this tragic event. She told that crew order to give passengers from first and second class passengers boarded to lifeboats first. And the door was kept locked to impede the third class passenger access to lifeboats. In the distinctions class, Millvina said that “It couldn't happen nowadays, and it’s so wrong, so unjust” to emphasize her attitude to racist. (John F. Burns,

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